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Howcome you walk in the reastaurant and nobodys there

Howcome there little gay dudes are running your sypre and they are dirty and discusting looking ?

Howcome nobody at this store REALLY speaks english?

Howcome when i stand there it takes them along time to come to the front counter noobody in the restaurant ??

These idiots say one word and expect that the customer is going to dorm a sentence out of that word for the employee who is non educated and stupid

This sucks

This behavior is why holess people walk in an want to start fights with the workers

They suck theyre all very rude to the highland park residents

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The only person I see struggling with English is you.


These idiots should not be employees they dont want to serve americans at all theyre fake when you talk to them rude *** And when you try to help them the get mad and blow you off talking *** theyre terrible and dont have szervice anything about them rude *** god damn people working there ...............they shoukd not have a job that requires them to talk dammmit go sweeep a warehouse

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