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Hello, Im Walton Brown I really hate to complain and i never do this but your manager was so very rude to me. First off a few weeks ago i came in ordered my food and i asked were they hiring a young man told me yes they are they hired me too days ago then he said shes the one that hiring (she meaning Diana) ok i tell Diana its for my daughter so she says call me when you do so i call the next day to let her no an everyday im calling they're giving me the run around ok thats fine but just a couple days ago i gotten in touch with your hiring manager i explain to him the situation and he says ok let me look at the application and call back and schedule and interview ok thats fine.

So that was 3days ago so i call today after lunch hours because i no how business goes i didnt want to bother anyone while they were busy so i ask for the hiring manager and Diana gets on the phone and says "he's not here were not hiring" so ok iblook past that i understand you can be frustrated so im like ok i understand but im the man that you spoke to a few weeks ago..

and before i could finish she cuts me off and says "im telling you again were not hiring" Now im saying ma'am i just spoke with your hiring manager 3days ago and once again she wouldn't let me finish before she let me no there not hiring. Im not trying to get her fired are anything but her attitude really needs to be addressed all i was doing was trying to get my daughter a nob with any hours they had open not to mention im a loyal customer i just hope this can be resolved thank you for your time.

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