The scrabble game commercial is the most disgusting commercial ever. I turn the channel every time it comes on TV.

Can you explain the meaning of "nomorenookie" to a 7 year old? One shouldn't have to explain any commercial for your company to a kid. There's enough sexual inuindos on TV now, but do you have to go that low to "join the crowd"? Advertising a good product is one thing, but trying to be cute is another.

Your ad agency needs a new account executive or creative director.

They bombed on this ad. You've lost me and my kids as customers.

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Newark, New Jersey, United States #697863

Jack in a Box is disgusting. It's best that you, and your kids avoid all fast food chains.


im shocked and disgusted with the lack of parenting im hearing... instead of blame the companies do your job as parent and censor it yourself i on the otherhand like my filth on tv so i guess that means im a horrible person so be it at least im honest with myself not hiding in a shroud of false sense of deserving cause i opened a baby cannon and spat out a baby


Ok Dani Thanks for tellings us what a better parent you are. Why are you on here. What did you google nookie and this is what came up.


LOL - Instead of seeking people out to comment about what there upset about.

You're worried about nookie but not ensuring your kid learns proper English I take it? May all you 'disgusted' folks should unseat your kids from in front of the TV and give them a book.

I do have a kid, in case you were going to suggest that I am a clueless childless person. She does not watch commercials, or much TV for that matter.



To ConventionalWisdom. I was just on the jack in the box website and I saw that you commented to another person about what they should be telling there children.

I think you missed the point. you must not have children. I should hope not. Sounds like you need to be taking your own advise and get a life Isnt that what you said.

Instead of seeking people out to comment about what there upset about. Dont YOU have something better to do.

Like takeing care of your own kids. ***


I just went on the Jack in the Box website and launched a complaint! I too, had my 7 year old son ask me just last night what "NONOOKIE" was.

I was floored and looked at my husband and he told my son......"No More Food" WTH are you guys thinking??????? Why dont you call my son and explain what that means?


Ha ha ha, your mad at this but not the new Carls Jr. commercial?

Well a inventive parent would simply tell your child that nookie means a kiss. Seems pretty simple to me.


I am also shocked and disgusted with this commercial they have also lost myself and my kids as a customer. I hope more people complaine so we can get this commercial off the TV.

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