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I have never written or complained about a commercial in my life, but the recent commercial about the "4 hours" that Jack n The Box has been running is one of the most offensive commercials I have ever seen. (A close second would be their last commercial having a girl asking another girl to kiss) I cannot believe that TV stations are allowing it to air.

Jack n The Box needs to stop airing this horrible commercial, think about the little kids that are watching and asking about "what does that mean?", and come up with some other way to advertise food without offending everyone, and being completely classless and tasteless. I am SO offended by this, it makes me sick.

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And just think, teenagers are working for this company. If I were a parent, I wouldn't allow my teenager to work for Jack in The box. You would think a company would use the opportunity to build sound business ethics and principles, but instead they muddy the very impressionable the minds of our youth.


Man, a bunch a freaking bible belting whiners you are. Seriously there is a lot bigger problems in the world than a freakin fast food commercial.

Obviously you haven't seen the latest Carl's Jr. commercial.


Your latest commercial with the Drabble board is horrible :? :?


Your latest commercial with the Drabble board is horrible :? :?


You people need to get a life!


to RJ #608678

You're on here too.


What is wrong with you people? your new commercial with jack talking to his mom in the kitchen, and jacks dad comes in looks down at his *** and says to the mom something is wrong its been over 4 hrs.

i saw that commercial with my 7 year old grandaughter. HOW DO YOU EXPLAIN THAT TO A CHILD? YOU PEOPLE HAVE GONE TOO FAR TRYING TO SELL YOUR FOOD. i eat at your place 4 times a week and sometimes with my grandaughter.

i wont any more! im disgusted with you..............................

unhappy consumer!!!! :cry

to melanie hibbard #644827

Hey lazy, you *** tell your *** kid what it means. That's nobody else's problem ***. *** off with your bible beater opinions.

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