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ive tooken pictures, and video of my reciept, and food.

upon getting my food, my spicy chicken sandwich w/cheese was totally discusting. there was a fresh piece of cheese on one side, but on the other...was a rotten, stinky, bumpy, discolored old piece of cheese. The ckicken was absolutly, old and whithered. Dark brown, and as hard as a rock. Not a shred of white meat. it seemed as if it was picked up from behind the trash after laying there for about a week.

i simply went in after work, and right away the manager snatched it from my hand just about and threw it away. hollered for another sandwich to be made.

i said no thank you and if i could have my money back? i got a mean look and she walked away. Another gentleman arrived and asked me for my receipt so I gave it to him. Then she comes back and hands me $6 then says sorry about that. But on my receipt my meal was $8 and some change. I did manage to get in one bite and swallow before i had noticed the foulness. Even got it down. Today, (next day), i have a stomach ache, and diarrea. i will be going to the hospital today as soon as possible.

i would like to speak to someone with athority in this matter because it is wrong how i was treated, and how i was poisoned, with old rotten food. then how the whole situation was handled by the mngr.

A witness that was present, is trying to contact the health dpmt.

Product or Service Mentioned: Jack In The Box Sanitary Conditions.

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