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Update by user Apr 13, 2016

Jack in the box is generally great at night time 5 star quality place and in the day the staff hired puts in little effort to make food good and happens to be very busy and too tired or something.

Original review posted by user Apr 07, 2016

That is so gross. I spent an hour in traffic today to not get to eat my fries because of this nasty thing.

I don't know where it's been and how it got in my fries.

It was in the middle of my fries. Really disgusting.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

I liked: Manager.

Company wrote 0 private or public responses to the review from Apr 07, 2016.
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Example A I drive Hyndai Sonata V6 and you drive some ghetto old rusty busted in the *** Honda or Tayota. Your not my class you white trash.

Dont undermine me and get your *** off my forum with nothing wise to say but hiding your identity as a punchline.


looks like you got a bad one.

to Anonymous #1153588

I'm a harder worker than most of the lazy jerks you'll hire any day. My buissness is always changing for the better and no buissness starts from nothing.

It's a side buissness. Not something I have to manage with close detail. So it's just a good flow of easy money and I'm boss. Unlike you lazy managers with a dead end job.

I can go work a dead end job too and run my buissness.

15hr plus $35 hr from my buissness. *** off you snug ***.

to mikepotryasov2 #1153589

You dead end will never top my success loser.


How do you feel about $15 minimum wage after your above fast food restaurant experience?

to Anonymous #1151899

Gladly take it anytime of the hour. Even 8 to 10 hour shifts.

I'll hold up. I used to work at Auntie Anne's & Maggie Moo's pretzel and ice cream place.

I manage a big franchise called Now That's Clean with my brother. We hire workers and know how it feels to have pride in your work and buissness.

to mikepotryasov2 #1152162

It's been a lot of effort to grow a buissness into something. I just wish Jack in the box respected the people and they are the reason why workers have work. Acting like they don't care isn't an option when it comes to food service.


You can call whatever you want childish, but the Fact that my TV is nice and huge and my speakers loud and clear. I can tell you it shouldn't take a rat in your fries to make it picture perfect.

*** it might've been on the floor for hours.

I dont know. Neither do you.


It looks like a burnt French Toast stick. It might've been in the dry oil and floated up m, ending up in the basket.

The only odd things is that, even with a rush, someone should be noticed it. Your claim that you couldn't eat your fries is a little childish, though. I mean, it's not a dead rat or ***, for heaven's sake. If its big enough to expect the prep team to notice, it's big enough for you to notice straight away.

Did you go back in and show them? They would've remade yoir order and comped it.

You clearly didn't tape your proof in a professional setting, since there is a sporting event on tv audible in the background. So, why didn't you go back or call them?


That's called a burnt French fry. Get over it.


It looks like a burnt fry. Nothing to get so upset over.


Wish I could help, but we don't have JITB in our area so for all I know, that's what they sell as fries. Good luck!

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