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Jack In The Box - Confused 1 of 1 people found it helpful
Hello Jack, I'm kind of confused about something.Today i went to your restaurant and decided to get ice coffee with my breakfast instead of hot coffee.Like i do with hot coffee i get a re-fill,like i do with a soda i get a re-fill.Why did the person behind the counter tell me no re-fills on my ice coffee.Hot coffee, cold coffee i see no difference.I use cream and sweetener in both.What is the big deal about ice coffee.I'm not sure i want to be a...
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I didn't like
  • Or lack of
  • Re-fill policy
I recently purchased a large iced caramel coffee from my local Jack in the Box (85746) and was given a smaller sized fountain drink cup instead of the large, clear iced coffee cup. I was charged for a large iced caramel coffee ($3.07). I have purchased several of these in the past and am familiar with the drink. When I questioned it, the young man at the counter he assured me it was the same size, just a different cup because they were out of...
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