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My pregnant daughter bough a breakfast item at Jack in the Box on North Lamar in Austin, Texas yesterday and noticed a bad taste. She opened it up and part of the eggs were grayish green. For some reason they did not give her the original receipt so when she went back with this product to tell them, they basically said "oh - well those are bad eggs". They said it as if this is standard practice to feed this quality food to the public. The manager did not want to give her a copy of the receipt but she demanded it and he reluctantly gave it to her.

Luckily she did not get sick. I had advised her as soon as she saw that to make herself throw up - which she did - this probably saved her from being sick.

Now they did give her a full refund but the thing is, we have food safety and regulations to uphold to and this place acted like it was common practice to serve gray green old eggs to the public. My daughter is pregnant - this could have turned out much worse. Who knows who can get sick from this place. Children and the elderly have weaker immune systems.

The customer service was horrid to say the least but to knowingly serve this to the public is ridiculous and it must be known they do this here. And if here then maybe more of these chains.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. sanderson1974 stated that there is a room for improvement of food. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss "food poisoning" of jack in the box manager. Jack In The Box needs to "food safety check - surprised one so they dont have time to do last minute preparation - food safety should be practiced all times not when something like this is brought to attention" according to poster's claims.

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