San Jose, California

To start, This was the worst JITB visit I have ever had. Here is a list of the issuesI had.

1. Hash browns & Curly Fries were STALE and tasted terrible because of it. I swear the hash browns were left over from the morning and reheated.

2. I asked for my sandwich on a croissant, it was on a bun.

3. My Wife's pita was so ripped there was no pocket, just a pile of bread and filling.

4. Towards the end of our meal my wife discovered a dark colored hair on her curly fries. It was very dark in color and too dark to be either of ours.

Now normally I would excuse many of these complaints if they occurred by themselves but a combination of 2 stale items, a screwed up order, a mangled pita, to top it off a hair in our food. this is inexcusable. I have not had many problems with this location. But now I doubt I will return.


Big D

Product or Service Mentioned: Jack In The Box Sandwich.

Monetary Loss: $11.

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Communication often times is a problem with the workers. And you the customer having difficulty understanding the accents of some of the workers.

I ordered a chicken club salad and got home to find a jumbo jack in my bag instead of the salad. I would never order a jumbo Jack I hate JIB's burgers. The beef patties are way too peppery and it gives me acid reflux. I'm a bit to blame since I didn't check my order before I drove off from the pick up window.

Always check your order before you drive off from these fast food establishments. Anyway I'm done with JIB though.


Not only did the screw up my order but I found a pubic hair in my meal.


I agree. I just got jitb and they ripped my dad off his sausage added to his breakfast meal/sandwich.



The employee 'thought' he heard me order the teriyaki chicken bowl without chicken. But, in fact, I asked for the bowl without teriyaki sauce.

So, when I arrived home with just vegetables and rice at $4.79 i was bummed. What PISSED me off was when I decided to return to the store today and the cook proceeds to tell me that I was mistaken, and that I told him twice no chicken. WTF?! He even embarrassed me, saying he wouldn't replace the chicken bowl (that, after all, was my only and quite fair request) but he WOULD give me the chicken strips.

This is deplorable, just because I was offended I need to take this matter as far as i can to receive some justice. Tommorrow I am going to tell the manager and from there, who knows , I may just search out a forum to copy paste this story.


TO PULLTYPE: If issues like this were taken care of the first time around or prevented from ever happening in the first place by JACK IN THE BOX retards, then there would be no need to "repost." I have NO RESPECT for JACK IN THE BOX and all the respect for the hard-working consumer. JACK IN THE BOX is going to run itself off-track and in a ditch, never to recover.


Repost here, treat it with no respect.

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