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Update by user May 27, 2015

The employees there a this location Montrose /Westheimer Are Very Unprofessional

Original review posted by user May 27, 2015

I go to the Jack in the Box on Montrose just about every morning but the service and food are just a day to day you might get great tacos morning. The staff absolutely is a *** poor excuse workers .

No hospitality whatsoever. I have other choices that are very much nearby ,but I still try and give them a chance bit I'm quickly losing faith that this paticular Jack n the Box has no hope. The misrepresentation is appalling. I'm sick n tired of playing we hat kinda serve will I encounter this morning days.

I really think this business should be shut down.

JIB#3619. You can never read the receipt to do the survey and receive 2 free tacos!

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss poor customer service of tacos. Jack In The Box needs to read this review and look into the issue (if any) according to poster's claims.

Other people also mentioned tacos in their reviews. You may find this information helpful for further shopping at Jack In The Box.

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If the receipt prints like that every day it is because their printer is messed up. I have no comment about the food and am not going to be a *** like the guy making that first comment, but it is possible the employees don't realize the code is not printing properly and don't think it is a big deal.

It looks as though they may have tried correcting it because that is new ink. But they don't realize the problem is the receipt printer. Local management are unlikely to be responsive to you because that printer may cost them money or be a pain to fix.

If you have complained locally with no resolution, here is what uou need to do. Contact JIB Guest Relations at (858) 522-4716 Monday-Wednesday 5am-9pm, Thursday & Friday 5am-Midnight, Saturday 7am-Midnight, and Sunday 7am-5pm (PST).

Tell them there is a problem at the Irving unit with the receipt printer and that 1. You don't know if perhaps they are overcharging you and you have no way to reconcile your credit card, 2.

you have told local management and they won't correct issue 3. it is a shame because you can never do the survey and you want to say how much you LOVE JIB food, but at this point you are so frustrated over the receipt printer you are starting to have doubts about how great JIB is.

Keep the call positive and friendly (FAKE IT) and do not vary a bit from this general script and you will find the receipt printer to be corrected within 72 hours (legal requirements and merchant rules - they can't ignore it) and more than likely a nice gift card coming in the mail to you.


Well, this isn't the web site for Jack In The Box. I have a question why do you keep going back being you are unsatisfied with the service?

It sounds like you are a glutton for punishment. Furthermore, why would anybody want to eat out every morning, or for that matter every day?

How are the employees professional and what is your idea of professional? It might be completely different from what other people expect.

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