When visiting my family in Southern CA, they would occasionally go to Jack in the Box. Every time I've eaten there on our family vacations, I've become ill with diarrhea and vomiting.

Their food was always the worst I ever encountered in a fast food place and stopped going there sometime around 1979 and have NEVER considered trying it again. From what I remember, the restaurants were usually dirty inside.

I really don't understand how this company has stayed in business. In fact, I recall that at one time it was ridiculed for its poor quality almost as much as the Ford Pinto.

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I totally understand your pain! Though I've only felt once.

This one time I ordered Jack's spicy chicken combo and the next day I had I fever! It was a 104 degree fever and I was throwing up all over the place. The pain! I kinda wished just then I would have just died from the pain then suffer any more.

At one point I went to the hospital. :( :cry


i ordered their fish sandwich i became violently sick due to food poisoning i missed 4 days of work...


I went to Jack in the box yesterday for the southwest chicken salad with grilled chicken. In the past it has taken at least 6 to 8 minutes, but it only took maybe 2.

Today I want to curl up and die! Was it the chicken or the lettuce???

:sigh :cry :x


It has been over 30 years,don't you think its time to get over it??

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