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I went to the Jack in the Box located at 305 San Pedro, San Antonio, Texas today at noon (Sept. 29, 2011) and waited at the counter for someone to take my order,no one said a damm thing so after several minutes I walked out.

I was the only one waiting to order. Last year i had bad service at the same Jack in the Box, i thought that after a year service/management would be better.

I quess that nothing will help this place. Jack in the Box top management should close this place down as soon as possible..

Dino Rangel

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You're not the only one that experienced bad and non-existent service at the San Pedro store. I waited at the counter for twelve minutes, grew fed up with waiting and walked out and took a short drive to the Taco-Bell just up the road. Better service greeted me there but I never went back to that Jack store.

Today, I took a night trip to the Fredricksburg store and not only did they screw up the order, they overcharged me for something that I never ordered. This complaint is going straight to the corporate office considering that management at any location west of I-35 all have terrible service.

When anyone pays for service, they should receive quality as well. I guess customer service isn't on the menu at any of their locations.

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