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Need Tax Returns

I need my tax Returns from Jack in the Box. I have all my papers from every job but you guys and I would appreciate if I could get them. You can reach me at (661) 753-7896 or

David Nelson


Hydrogenated Oil -

I want to know if the Cooking Oil used for French Fries, Onion Rings, Tacos etc. has “Hydrogenated Oil as part of the ingredients???



Do you sell your frozen tacos by the case I'm from the Chicago Illinois area


Why does jack in the box managers won't let you but extra ranch?

On John West and Buckner location and Robert B. Cullum location in Dallas, Tx will not sell you give you extra ranch even if you trying to buy it for an order of 20 tacos.

I have to ask for jelly when I order a breakfast sandwich. Why doesn't they offer them like they suppose to?

It's starting to be unacceptable for my money. I spend too much.


I just wanted to ask, why can i ever get a shake at 1:00a.m at eastern/bonanza locattion when it supposed to be open 24 hours.

I love the oreo shakes there but it seems the person working would rather empty and clean the machine. I wonder how much money that location doesnt make just because of one lazy person.

I want to get a shake every night after i get off work. Is that store policy or is one lazy employee ruining it for everybody.

Please let me know if its supposed to be that way, because its the middle of summer (hottest point) whats better than a cold shake when your sweating in the middle of the night. So please im begging you can u please have that 24 hour location have shakes 24 hours please please.


Why is EBT machine always down?

How is it that the EBT machine is always down at JIB in Phoenix, AX 85022?


Where can i make a complaint

I have been turned away 3 times already in the early morning hours


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