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Ordered a double cheeseburger meal and 10 piece chicken nugget, requested no condiments on my burger, and a sprite to drink. Pulled up to pay he gave me a coke I gave it back to him, and he took the coke and gave me my sprite.

He gave me my food and I left, started to eat the fries in my car and they were like warm but not a complainer, still ate them. Went to grab my burger and went to bite it and there was condiments in it. Already about to turn on the freeway and went back. I went through the drive through waited for 6 mins because there was a line, finally got to the window and the same guy that gave me my food was still there.

He said what’s wrong , I said I ordered this without condiments, at this point I handed it back and he became offensive and said we can’t take orderes back you have to come into the store. I told him u took the coke back u have me earlier but you won’t replace my food now. He said you have to come inside, I said my son is a sleep in the back seat have your manager come out and speak with me. He then told me he is the manager and there are customers waiting and u need to pull up front and I’ll go out there when they are done.

Now there were 4 people that I could see standing around, I watched him from the front window and the two young fellows and lady were standing around and he was doing the work. I parked my car at 7:09 he didn’t come out till 7:22 and then he came out with an attitude telling me give me the food, I said ok, I gave it to him and he said we’re the receipt I said said don’t know you probably didn’t give me one. Since you missed up everything since I pulled up. He said we can’t refund your money since you don’t have a receipt, but since we missed up I will upgrade you fries as a courtesy.

I you missed it up and the fries were cold. Gave him the nuggets and said redo those too cause the food is cold now. He told me that wasn’t in your original complaint so i can’t. I said ok, thinking to myself is he serious tryin to blame me for there Mishap?

One of the fellows brought me my food out shortly after and apologized for the inconvience and said it won’t happened next time. Very polite young boy. I run two practices and deal with pts daily , your manager needs to be retrained and learn how to speak with people. Inappropriate!

I would like a follow up in regards to this situation. I can honestly say I eat jack in the box At least 2 times a wk probably for 5 yrs and I understand mistakes happen which more then willing to be Civial but when u have a 21 year old tryin to tell you that it was your fault because of there mistake, I have an issue with that.

Product or Service Mentioned: Jack In The Box Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Still never resolved, no one ever called! It’s ridiculous that jack in the box allows managers to act this way.

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