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Just minutes ago I ordered the country Scrambler plate. The representative who was taking my order asked if I wanted to have the combo and so I asked what it come with.

She told me I could get hash browns in the coffee. I informed her that I don't drink coffee and she stated that if I wanted anything else it would cost more. I asked was there no comprable substitute. She told me I would just have to pay more and I stayed how could that be so when not everyone drinks coffee.

Then they made me pull up to the window. If they started giving me different prices if I wanted to get soda or orange juice. Neither the representative or the manager was very pleasant. I have three complaints.

First they were both rude to me. Secondly I should not be forced to buy coffee or have to pay more with my meal. Third they did not give me a receipt because they knew that I would complain.

Now I feel like I need to keep a watchful eye on my bank account just in case they add other charges. I ended up substituting for the orange juice because I don't drink coffee and now I just realized I didn't even get my hash browns.

Product or Service Mentioned: Jack In The Box Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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The hungry employee scraping by on minimum wage couldn't help themselves and just had to eat your hashbrown.

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