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I walked into the location about 11:05p.m. to place an order.I stood in front the counter and he looked at me and continue shuffling receipts after 5 minutes I asked if he could please take my order he continued talking to another Hispanic lady.

Then he handed her a X-large cup for a drink she refused the offer.I then asked again if I could place my order.I asked him to give his name and the phone number to the corporate office. And he said you came here to call corporate I said no I came here to order my fast foods which turn out to be a problem.Being the customer he had no customer service when it came to me being a African American woman. To me I felt like I was being dicriminated because of my race.I also asked him could he please let someone else help me and he said no I'm going to do it I repeatedly asked over and over again. He finally let someone take my order.The person taking my had a problem with the shake machine.

He never came to assist the employee with the machine.Then I asked him to cancel the shake because I had spent too much inside the restaurant already and food was getting cold.The employee told me that the manager was not going to refund my funds because he mad at me. I was in the restaurant for at least 20 minutes going back forth with this manager by the of name of Samuel at the location on Lincoln in Santa Monica.I asked him to write the phone number and his name he told me to remember it in my head. The he wrote down for me on a piece of paper was the number for a survey. He come over to assist with shake machine and said it is not my fault that it is not working.I told has the customer it's not my either.

I have had prior bad experiences of customer service with this same manager in the drive thru because he served me cold food and fries. This was the worse customer service I have received in my life time.

Even one of the employees was telling me behind his back to report him to corporate.This matter needs to be handled and looked into soon as possible. Please contact me back at this phone number 323 901-1663.I will be getting an attorney for discrimination.I have been trying to call the customer service number all morning and have not been successful to speak to anyone as of yet.

Review about: Jack In The Box Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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