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This happened today I found a piece of glass on my food. I attached a picture of the piece of glass and as well a picture of the receipt.

I went back to the Restaurant where I bought my food and told one of the employees there. He was surprised and whent to the back and stared talking to the person doing the food in the back. And from the looks of it he looked very concerned. He did not apologize.

I asked to speak to a manager and he informed me that there was no manager on duty. He then told me the manager would come in at 10:00am and to come back so that I could speak to him/her. I was shocked and still very concerned about the issue. I am afraid I might have swallowed a piece of glass without me knowing.

I am also scared about the customers safety in eating in this establishment.

Something needs to be addressed to the employees. I would like a call back as soon as possible in regards to this matter.

346 606 4137 Mariel Vásquez

Product or Service Mentioned: Jack In The Box Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Please take your phone number off of this site! This is NOT related to Jack In The Box, it is a site for consumers to let others know about their experiences. You have just given your phone number to a ton of random people and no one at Jack In The Box will see this.

to Anonymous #1491942

Absolutely correct. Never post any sort of personal information on a public access internet website.

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