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I went to the Jack-in-the-box Located on the corner of 7th &Atlantic in Long Beach California Drive thru Window and i ordered a #21 combo which is a ultimate breakfast sandwich.on sour dough bread. i pulled off started eating my sandwich and on the third *** i notice that i was only given eggs and cheese so i et the recipt and call the store i talked to Marvin who name was on the ticket he said he was gonna make me a new sandwich whenever i came back so i went back today and the same mutha----a that was there when i called back said it was to late i didnt come back in time so now im no longer gonna be eating jack in the box and neither is any of my family of course no one care but i had a law suit against magic mountain and won for descrimination case if i was a mexican the guy would have made me a new order but since im a chocolate black guy Marvin was a beaner probably and illegal immagrant i think i will contact a lawyer to make jack hire some more african american help and im gonna report that store to immagration customs enforcement that will fix the problem get some color in that resturants and stop hireing mexican managers that dont speak english they will just hire mexicans to work there the United States needs better corperate ownership there hiring cheap laborers that cant take or cook peoples order right.

Monetary Loss: $5.

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dude its guys like you that are probably the ONLY reason i even got hired at jack in the crack because im the only black person there!! get off your high horse how many days did you wait to go back for your sandwich?

because if you had went back that day they probably would have given you your *** sandwich... besides even if you were at my jack on the box and waited a few days to come back for your sandwich i would have told you the same thing marvin did oh and im black too!


It was wrong that he did not give you the bacon and ham on ur sandwich. But to clarify about the lack darker ("chocolate") color at jack, is because they are all applying at KFC, if they are looking for a job. They are all probably too busy filling law suits cuz their welfare check isn't enough

to some guy #867088

You're just a jealous ***, with a lack of knowledge and character. I bet your mother was on welfare when she raised you.

I bet you ate a lot of chicken too. Probably still do since you know so much about KFC.

So good you just cant get the taste out of your mouth. You are truly an ***!

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