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Update by user Jan 06

No response from Jack's. I'll just avoid this location for a long time.

Original review posted by user Dec 30, 2018

I routinely buy large PLAIN potato wedges at several local Jacks. There seems to be confusion on what the available sizes are. Some places say there is only one size. Some say 2 & some say 3 sizes. I always buy large & expect the hinged box to be reasonably full & hold about 6-7 ounces, as the nutrition list seems to imply.

I have received anywhere from less than 1/2 a box to an overstuffed box, depending on who made them & where.

I believe that a large portion should reasonably fill much of the box. When I get just hold a box, which I'd guess is maybe 4 oz, I complain. Every time in the past, the server apologized & made me some more.

Last night, at Jacks # 1548 on Arizona Ave, Chandler, AZ 85248, the server insisted that the 1/2 box was correct & refused to even consider my request.

Since that is all I eat I really know the difference.

Alex took my order & I believe he was the one who refused to satisfy me. I assured him that I would complain, but he didn't care, claiming that he gave me 6 oz.

I do not believe that Jack's employees reasonably weigh or measure the portions when they pre-package wedges. The fact that portions vary by as much as 100% is my evidence.

Please do whatever you can to educate the employees & tell me what the proper weight of a large portion is supposed to be. I'll take a scale there next time if I have to, but need your input to show this guy that he's cheating me out of a few ounces of potatoes.

I know this sounds petty, but I'm a vegetarian & LOVE those wedges & expect to buy them forever.

Thanks for listening.

Carmen Fiduccia


Product or Service Mentioned: Jack In The Box Potato Wedges Side Dish.

Reason of review: quantity of wedges.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Jack In The Box Cons: Quantity of food.

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Idiot, why did you publish your personal information on an open internet website forum ? Thousands of people now know too much about you and I'd bet more than a few of them are internet pathogens - hackers, stalkers, etc.

My guess is that you've been hacked so don't do any internet business until you have run the free download Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool Full Version. You're signing your life away over potatoes !

to Anonymous #1630204

You are right & it's been fixed. I thought I was writing directly to Jack's & realized that I wasn't just after I finished.

The sight has no direct way to edit a post, but they fixed it when I asked them to delete the personal info.

Many of us live long enough to have senior moments. This won't be my last.


LIAR From the pictures you can tell that the box is MORE than half full. Also if you are expecting 6-7 ounces and only get four you are getting MORE than half full.

If you are going to lie at least take some wedges out before taking the picture. I am glad that Alex refused to give you more. The world does not revolve around you. Why should he care if you complain they are told how much to serve and once they see your pictures and your estimates they will know that you are a liar.

Just because others gave you more than you are entitled to does not mean everyone should. They should never have given you more. It turned you into greedy pig with entitlement issues. Taking a scale shows how pathetic you are.

Cannot afford to order more cook at home or visit a soup kitchen. It is you trying to cheat them, you were successful in the past and are not taking advantage of their kindness.

Shame on you? DId your parents not teach you better?

to DashingMink #1622459

You have zero idea what you're talking about. I don't lie & I don't cheat.

You don't know squat about me and are just wrong to say what you do. I took both pictures & put them side by side to show how much variance there is between two orders of the same item. I'll admit that one is a bit more than 6-7 oz, but that was what they put in the box. The other is clearly much less and did NOT rise above the bottom half of the box.

If they gave you 1/2 a burger, you'd complain too. I could afford to buy tall the wedges I want, but they should be reasonably consistent.

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