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jack in the box #8767. 1st order was overcharged, then I waited 12 minutes

for 1 Jumbo Meal Deal which had cold fries, hard & cold tacos & a burger

with cheese that I did not order, because I don't like cheese on burgers

the only thing right with order was the drink, which I guess costed $4.32

because the food was uneatable. I don't know why there was such a long

wait I will not go back to that location and spend my money. I only want

what I order a most of all what I pay for.

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first of all "uneatable" ? seriously?

so you are a Harvard grad! :zzz (just a poor slob and product of our public schools) I have always found tomain Jack's to be inedible..so shame on you for complaining about your choice to get food there. :roll anyone who expects good service from someone who is working a fast food job is silly...

there is no pride amongst these workers. :p :?

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