i am a former employee of jack n box in hillsboro tx.i have been calling for 3 weeks trying to get w2 and each time i call and talk to the manager, Marisal, she tells me she doesnt have time to talk.

She will not give me a number to call to get the information i need. I called again for the last time this morning and she said she doesnt have time and dont know any numbers for me to call. i finally got my accountant to call and Marisol was rude to her but did finally gave her a number to call and hung up on her. Not very professional in my opinion.

i beleive this to be unacceptable behavior coming from a manager.

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The 3 you named as JIB employees may very well be Employees. And the comments that they made are also Correct.

You accuse an entire company of accepting Poor Service- "With dismissive behaviors and nasty attitudes like that being accepted as the norm by corporate/hr/managers, no wonder the level of service from the front-line is so effin horrible! JACK IN THE BOX = LOSE-LOSE SITUATION!". This is based on comments on a Complaint Board. There is no accountability for what is said and some ex-employees have been known to say bad things about companies that are not true. I'm not saying this person is lying but it is possible.

As far as we know this person may have walked out during a busy time and made the managers live miserable. I would not go out of my way to do anything for someone like that.

If this person can post on here they can go to the JIB website and use that to get a number for corporate. The information would also be on their check stub.

There appears to be a lot of assumptions made based on little info on this site. I would suggest that before you make a statement based on a pissed off ex-employees comments think how it would effect you if people made judgements about you in the same circumstances.


If responses like "Betty", "duh", and "Pulltype" are posted by Jack In The Box employees, it all makes sense. With dismissive behaviors and nasty attitudes like that being accepted as the norm by corporate/hr/managers, no wonder the level of service from the front-line is so effin horrible! JACK IN THE BOX = LOSE-LOSE SITUATION!


I bet some of the people on here who posted are Jack in the box managers... lol


Is it really hard to take a minute to explain nicely that she doesn't know any numbers eventhough that was a lie. Besides who else would you call?especially if you don't have the numbers you need.I believe as a manager she should have time; a level head of patience;and most importantly be respectful to everyone.


It's also not the manager's job to keep the W-2s on file. That would be HR or Billing depending on the business. You are dialing the wrong number entirely.

to duh #940264

Well the manager could at least say to call HR or billing, and those numbers are on record.


After your harassment, I would have reacted the same way, maybe worse; some people actually have work to do and no time to take harassing phone calls. The W-2 form is due tomorrow and not before.

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